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Before leaving for the Moon, investigative molecular biologist Ivory Fersoni set out to document the presence of aliens on Earth. Using the modern tools of gene sequencing, Ivory identified a small number of Earthlings who, while often not aware of their special nature, actually have a large endowment of alien gene combinations.

The Earthlings who otherwise might be recognized as aliens have bodies that were carefully shaped by alien nanites to take on human form. Some of these alien residents of Earth have now begun to take control of their biological natures. Using powerful magnetic fields to inactivate their nanite endosymbionts, some of the aliens of Earth have begun to revert to their natural biological body forms. Does the future survival of our technological civilization depend on the special gifts of the aliens who live among us?

From Deep Time
The Dead Widowers
There are many types of death. Is it only after death that one can fully appreciate life? Being dead, we embrace youth and life. We invite artists to submit works that depict the spirit of the Dead Widowers. The Dead Widowers Society also seeks to form strategic alliances with all aliens.

The founding member of the Dead Widowers Society has begun to make his "missing novels" available to readers in this Reality. Look for the newly-expanded Alastor Cluster series, now available from online book retailers.

The death of Ivory Fersoni.
Ivory Fersoni at Moon Base
shortly before her death
Ivory Fersoni was recently captured by the Overseers and taken to the Moon. There, she infiltrated the Observer Corps and transmitted to Earth a report on the secret history of Earth.

When the Overseers discovered what Ivory had done, they stripped her of her nanite endosymbiont. Without her body-morphing nanites, Ivory reverted to her natural physical form, revealing the true extent of her alien genetic endowment.

Unable to survive as a biological organism in the absence of her nanite endosymbiont, Ivory died. She now continues in her second life as an artificial life form.

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