Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Dead Widowers

Soon to be published!
This is a private blog, used by a small group of collaborating writers of mystery stories. The Dead Widowers are releasing a series of novels including The Wailing Mirage, Assassination by Subtraction, The Phasian Elf and Star Dance.

Assassination By Subtraction
This history of science saga unravels the mystery of how alien visitors on Earth decided that President Lincoln had to be eliminated. Late in the 19th century of the previous Reality, the downward spiral of Earth towards global warming and catastrophic sea level rise was no longer possible to ignore.

Working through their top Preland Interventionist agent, the Nereids acted to counter Lincoln's support for faster fossil fuel exploitation. John Booth, ecoterrorist and high-ranking member of NO COAL, volunteered to assassinate the President.

On his first attempt, Booth was captured by guards in Ford's Theatre. Using Nereid time travel technology, the Preland Overseer went back in time and teleported the guards out of the theatre. Put into a drugged state, the guards were teleported into a nearby tavern.

Assassination By Subtraction is the story of how the role of alien Intervention in shaping the course of Earth's history was investigated by the careful and persistent U. S. Army Inspector Natalie Warne and her sister, Pinkerton detective Kate Warne.

original cover art by
Milton Rosenblatt and Klaus B├╝rgle
The Wailing Mirage
After extensive research, Dead Widower Society member Meena Mahasvin provides us with a set of blockbuster revelations from Deep Time.

We pick up the story only slightly more than a century after Earthlings were given access to the Jarnell Intersplit. Human civilization has spread to the Rigel and Vega star systems, but caution is now slowing exploration of the galaxy. It is clear that humans are not alone. Mysterious and unseen aliens have already visited -and, in some cases, even created- the many exoplanets being colonized by explorers from Earth.

First Contact
Coming soon!
Howard Evans is one of 256 crew members assigned to Exofleet 3. As a geochemist and an employee of the Jarnell Corporation, Howard's first priority is finding new sources of sedrons. However, on a desolate and apparently uninhabitable planet, he begins to feel the presence of an alien force. Convinced that he has detected a form of alien life with vast intelligence, he remains alone on the planet when the Fleet departs.

From the forward: The man Howard Evans is known to fans of Jack Vance from the short story 'Noise'. The version of Howard's First Contact experience as recorded here was obtained from records of events in the Asimov Reality. -M.M

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