Who are we?

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I was given the keys to the universe. My school was the Hierion Domain. How could Earth compete with that?

When I was five years old I astonished Anna when I began to refer to Earth as Flatland. I lost interest in Flatland and soon thereafter I told my mother goodbye.

It was Kach who brought me back home, who reminded me that I am not alone in this. Together we Earthlings must make the most of the opportunity that has been given to us. A great adventure awaits us among the stars.

Millions of years ago our ancestors went to the stars. The Sedronites could have all crossed over into the Sedronic Domain, leaving Earth a sleepy garden, but instead they created us.

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If our Creators are still out there among the stars then Kach will find them. I begged her to take me along on that quest, but she rightly set me to my own task on Earth.

Our Creators were themselves created by the alien Huaoshy. The Sedronites were designed and shaped according to whims of aliens: hermaphroditic and free from the material constraints of the Hadronic Domain, destined to cross over to a new existence as artificial life forms residing in the Sedronic Domain.

Our Creators wanted us to explore in another direction. To have other options. To find our own way in the universe.

There are risks. We might have been pushed too far and too fast along our path towards the stars. For now, we have put an end to the pushing, but is it too late that we have gained control of our own fate?  Will we take our next step to the stars?

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